Women and Travel

I did most of my travelling earlier in life.

Initially as a child, living in three countries by age 10….. a life in exile, but alas that best left for another blog. Later between divorces, seems more dramatic than marriages, I went on an extended “walkabout” that took me across the country and the globe. Also best left for another post. The point being that I am perfectly content to limit my travel these days to places one might reach by automobile or short flight. Spelled domestic travel.

My problem then is that most women’s dating profiles include the need for travel, along with fine dining, the theatre and romantic walks on the beach. I am all on board for the eating, culture and romantic activities, as they may be accomplished in very short order and to a definite end. The travel requirement though, has represented not only a thorn in my side, but often also a dagger in the heart.

I keep thinking there must be a previously well travelled lass out there, just dying to make my acquaintance.


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