Fear of clowns.

Yep, I am afraid of clowns. Afraid in the sense that they make me uncomfortable…..make my skin crawl. There is nothing funny or happy about them. Something sinister lurks behind those painted smiles.

We caution our children to be wary of strangers, yet we foist these two-faced creatures on them at kiddie birthday parties. Later we wonder why little Jimmy climbed into the car with the smiling man that offered him candy. When viewing pictures of the local pedophiles posted at the library, I am always on the lookout for Ronald McDonald.

Have you ever closely observed the clowns at a circus or carnival? Well I dare you to take a careful look-see. Don’t even get me started on the Joker-Heath Ledger affair…….done in by his inner clown. Your thoughts?

One group is exempt from the foregoing…. rodeo clowns. Though I guess your rank and file rodeo bull might disagree.


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