Ugly Feet…. Should There Be a Law?

Should offenders be prohibited from wearing open top shoes? A law passed perhaps? Sandals a misdemeanor, flip flops a felony?

Before further discussion, a disclaimer. I am not referring to the the ugly that is the result of birth defects, or bad genes. You can’t help that. I am talking about ugliness as a consequence of neglect, poor hygiene, lack of grooming, or years of wearing pointy-toed high heel shoes.

We have outlawed nudity, intoxication, and smoking in public spaces. Can we not find an elected politico willing to take up this fight? Will the Tea Party Movement take up the cause?I am going out on a limb, but Sarah Palin might……..well that depends on her feet.

(as a point of reference, the babe pictured above has some pretty feet)


One response to this post.

  1. My friend and I have been LOL. We've dumped more than one guy over the bad feet! Nice blog Ormy.


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