The iWish…….

my damn phone would work. Such is the sad refrain emanating from the the lips of  iPhone4 owners.  Ah yes, tis a tragedy played out in two acts:

Act One.

The worlds worst cellular network, holds exclusive rights to the new device.

Act Two.

The antenna of the new device is rendered inoperable when it is held. I might add that it falls under the category of “Hand Held Device”.

The faithful owners, soon to be better known as the “iPhone4 class action group”, are nevertheless impressed with the WiFi capabilities of same. Perhaps renaming the new product iTouch4 would solve the problem. But not to worry, the iLandline will soon hit the Apple Store near you.

Caption for the above photo: “Gee Bob we’re getting out of range……maybe if we tie a string between them…..”


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