“I put out for him”, she said….

matter-of-factly to her twenty-somethingish BFF.

Well, that certainly perked up my ears, as I casually sipped on a latte one table away. After swallowing the hook, I remained a not so unwilling, and curious audience for the balance of the conversation. In a nutshell, this is how it went down. (yes that too)

The initial courting consisted of friending, and heavy facebooking during the course of a week.  That evolved into two or three days of sexting followed by a single phone call, and of course the main event. Since the coupling there has been no further contact with our protagonist…….not even a casual facebooking. However, as it turns out, there are comemorative pics circulating the interwebs. Kind of a poor man’s sex tape.

Moral of the story? Neither Kindle nor Nook will ever replace a quiet evening at the bookstore.  (BTW The two gossip girls pictured are a sculpture by Ron Mueck)


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