Dream Walking

I’ve lost two old friends in the last three weeks. The first died after a three-month skirmish with pancreatic cancer. I say skirmish because he (and his doctors) truly felt he had a 2-5 year window to battle the his disease. Death overtook him quickly and by surprise. His last words to his wife, “I did not expect to die today”.

My other friend, older than myself,  passed away this past Saturday night at age 61 from unexpected heart failure. He uttered no last words, yet ironically, had just e-mailed to me a bucket list of things he still aspired to experience. He was never the spiritual type, but I wonder if he had experienced some form of premonition. I hold this list as his personal goodbye.

Of interest, they were not known to one another, and only recently had we “rediscovered” our friendships after the absence of years. I don’t know what to make of it, or if there is even a common thread for me to follow.


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